Why women in recovery have different needs than men.

Substance Abuse Women Vs Men Colorado Springs, CO

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In Colorado Springs, women are more prone to prescription drug abuse as well as other substance abuse behaviors. In comparison to their counterpart males whose addictive behaviors are more likely to go undetected or receive as much criticism, females with an addiction are often isolated and easily pointed out. Women are more likely to lose friends and family members quicker due to their addiction and loved ones are more likely to make them feel vulnerable. Women are naturally more emotional than males also which puts them more at risk of depression and triggers for substance abuse.

Because women are stereotyped as the housewives, caretakers, nurtures, mothers, and innocents their behaviors as an addict are perceived more harshly than males. There is also the scientific side of the double standard in which women who suffer from alcoholism and drug dependence are at greater risk of health implications. Women who partake in alcohol abuse or are alcohol dependents are more vulnerable than men to liver disease, brain damage, miscarriages, infertility, early menopause, heart disease, bone thinning, and high blood pressure. Women with substance abuse problems are also more likely to be sexually assaulted then males. One drink affects women twice as strongly as a man and so it is also much easier to detect.

The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers Colorado Springs offers understand that women's needs are different than males and provides a safe environment to allow for the expression of their feelings. Due to studies that show many drug addicted women and women suffering from alcoholism present signs of childhood abuse treatment centers focus on uncovering what triggered the addiction. The goal of the addiction specialists who provide the Alcohol Rehab Colorado Springs residents need to heal, is to treat the whole woman and that starts with a thorough evaluation. They have the tools to provide treatment medicine, recovery tools, and help the women need to mend their relationships with loved ones they may have hurt.

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