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Colorado Springs Alcohol / Drug Recovery Treatment Centers: Your Path to Peace and Recovery!

Alcohol/drug recovery is dependent upon a successful detoxification from the substance, proper relapse prevention treatment, the support of family and friends, and, of course, the attitude of the individual trying to stay sober. The type of Alcohol / Drug Recovery Colorado Springs CO residents need can be found at the intense inpatient programs that the best drug treatment centers provide.


Step One: Detoxification

Addiction and dependency go hand in hand for many people which is why rehab centers usually perform detoxification prior to therapy. The length of detoxification will vary depending upon the drug of preference, the length or during of use, and the physical health of the patient. Some people simply recover quicker than others, and are able to move into therapy sooner, but usually the detoxification takes 3-4 days.

Medical teams including board certified MDs and accredited addiction specialists will oversee your progress from intake through detoxification. A full physical exam will be performed upon you at entry by a doctor who will create an individual treatment plan. You will receive twenty-four hours a day monitoring and care. Drug treatment centers understand that the detoxification process is an arduous one and are ready with compassionate assistance should it become uncomfortable.

Because of the dangers associated with withdrawal you will be kept in a hospital/clinical environment where you can be watched closely and where immediate medical intervention is available should you require it.

Step Two: Inpatient and Partial Hospitalization

Once the body has been detoxified from the substance alcohol/drug, recovery can begin. The best rehab centers believe in multi-modality when it comes to drug treatment. Medical and holistic therapies are utilized in a "whatever works" approach. Caring staff will work with each patient to develop a treatment plan that makes sense for their addiction, history, and lifestyle. If there is a need to tailor the plan once you are into the therapy process, staff can and will make the necessary changes. The goal is to prepare you for life outside of drug treatment facilities.

This is a scary time for addicts because they are left with no drugs to cloud the mind and a fully awake consciousness. It is that time where they dig deep to find out why they abuse drugs or alcohol. Only when those underlying problems or even disorders are uncovered can you move forward into an appropriate relapse prevention modal.

During this time period patients will receive individual and group therapy sessions where they learn how to reach out for help and how to find it within.

Step Three: Relapse Prevention and Outpatient

Relapse prevention is the core curriculum of Colorado Springs Alcohol and Drug Recovery Treatment Programs. Patients must learn why they gravitate to drugs or alcohol, what emotions, people, situations, etc. trigger cravings, and how to avoid falling back into cravings and eventual relapse. This is perhaps the toughest part of the entire program because you are learning to fly again. You're not sheltered within the walls of the community.

The goal is to work with the patient and their loved ones to help create a healthy, stress free environment for them to return to so that they may stay off drugs or alcohol. Part of it is also educating the family and friends in the nature of the disease of addiction and how they can help the healing process begin. Many times family members must heal, as well. Addicts and addiction can be trying and difficult for people around it. Drug treatment programs understand that healing needs to occur not just for the addict but the people they have hurt during their addiction.

The best drug treatment centers never stop being there for patients. They will work with you to find your own tools, but also to grow new skin, new emotions, and a new life.

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