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Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Colorado Springs

2 Minute Read | Published Nov 30 2023 | Updated Nov 30 2023

Dual diagnosis is a term that refers to the simultaneous occurrence of substance abuse and a mental illness. This condition affects countless people across America, including Colorado Springs, a beautiful city nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Addiction and mental health disorders are major issues within the Colorado Springs community. According to the El Paso County Public Health Department, in 2020, there were approximately 130 drug overdose deaths within the county. Moreover, according to a Major Depressive Episode (MDE) among Adolescents report by SAMHSA, Colorado ranks within the top 11-20 states for rates of major depressive episodes, indicating a pressing need for quality mental health and addiction services in the area.

Alcohol and marijuana are the most commonly abused substances in Colorado Springs, followed by methamphetamine and opioids. It’s also pertinent to note that Colorado is one of the states with a higher incidence of marijuana use due to the legalization of both medical and recreational use in recent years.

The good news is that a dual diagnosis doesn't have to mean a life sentence of pain and struggling. Several renowned and effective treatment centers are available in Colorado Springs and the wider region. These facilities provide therapeutic, supportive, and safe environments for individuals dealing with dual diagnoses to navigate their recovery journey.

An example would be Penrose-St. Francis Health Services, a comprehensive health service provider, offering an integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment program. It incorporates psychiatric care, medication, behavioral therapy, and support groups. Peak View Behavioral Health is another notable institution that provides specialized care for mental health disorders and substance addiction.

Local initiatives such as Lift The Label and Colorado's crisis hotline have provided crucial resources to residents struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. Mental Health Colorado also champions for more accessible mental health care, and the Alliance for Addiction Solutions advocates for healthier approaches to addiction treatment.

Importantly, we want to emphasize that treatment is possible, and recovery is within reach. If you or your loved ones struggle with addiction and mental health disorders, there are resources available to you. Receiving a dual diagnosis can be overwhelming, but it’s a crucial first step towards recovery and wellness. Colorado Springs is equipped with professionals ready to guide individuals affected through this journey. Remember, asking for help is a significant sign of strength, and there's a supportive community ready to welcome and assist you along your recovery journey.

Getting help for a dual diagnosis requires specialized and comprehensive treatment. Don't hesitate to take that crucial first step towards wellness and a fulfilling, healthy life. Hope and healing are possible, and they can begin today!
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