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Drug detox centers are for the purpose of restoring the body to its natural state so that recovery can begin on the mind. Months and years of physical dependency upon a drug can cause the body to perform at a less than optimal level. Certain drugs create physical changes within the body. Opiates, for example, enlarge the body's own opiate receptors and alter how the brain "feels" things or experiences pain. Methamphetamines alter the central nervous system can affect both the moods of the individual and their capacity to reason. These are but a few examples of drugs that even after a chemical detoxification it may take weeks or months to feel normal again as the body needs to heal from the effects of the drugs.

It is also important to note that you cannot even begin healing without having withdrawn from the drug. Slowly tapering off of a drug like meth or oxycodone is next to impossible, though many try to do so. Attending drug detox is one of the most important choices an addict can make for himself or herself, especially if they are attempting to rehab themselves off of a drug like heroin or oxycodone. The statistics for recidivism in opiate addicts is quite high, almost 98% within the first year for those who do not attend inpatient programs.

Colorado Springs Drug Detoxification Centers

Colorado Springs Drug Detox Centers understand the importance of establishing a medical baseline and assessment prior to admitting a patient into treatment. From the moment he or she is admitted they should have access to world class medical teams that provide medical oversight and intervention to the detoxification process. Withdrawal is never an easy process which is why medical staff is available twenty four hours a day to help ease the symptoms. Some drugs and extended drug or alcohol abuse can cause violent reaction as the body withdraws. It is important to choose rehabs that offer medical intervention teams. Delirium tremens associated with alcohol abuse can be deadly even in a hospital or medical environment which is why it is important to have this type of supervision and not try to do this on your own and alone.

Detox teams will prepare you for the process by explaining it fully and then staying with you as you go through it. If pharmacological intervention is required,they will have medical doctors who can approve such measures. The goal is to get you through withdrawal safely and in such a manner that you are prepared to enter into therapy which will teach you how to live life off of drugs or alcohol. This cannot happen while the body is still attached to the drug or the mind is fuzzy from abuse. You may be in medical centers for a week or more depending upon your body's condition when you enter treatment, however most people are through detoxification within a few days.

Colorado Springs Drug Treatment Centersare available twenty four hours a day so that whenever someone is ready to start their new life drug free, they can find out about the avenues of treatment that are available to them. Sometimes it's only a brief moment of clarity that an addict has, and help should be available for them in that moment. Reach out at () - to find qualified centers where you can begin the treatment process.


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