Signs of Gambling Addiction

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Signs of Gambling Addiction: Learn the causes of gambling addiction and how rehab can help

Gambling can be a very serious problem for some people, because there are some dangerous underlying factors that can cause some people to gamble. If you like to gamble just for fun you may be a safe gambler, but people who are addicted to games of chance for other reasons may need psychological counseling. There are specific signs of gambling addiction that can help you determine if someone you love has a problem.

There are commonly three types of gambler profiles:

-Recreational gamblers play just for the fun of the game and as a social pastime. They do not have an obsession with gambling or feel compelled to gamble.

-At-risk gamblers feel more compelled to play games of chance and often feel guilty about it. These people may sometimes feel depressed and like the excitement of the game to make them forget their troubles. They may lose a lot of money while gambling and this can cause them money problems.

-Problem gamblers have a serious gambling addiction that can cause many financial problems, leading the gambler to be in constant debt or living in poverty. Their gambling problems can negatively affect their marriage and other relationships. These people often feel depressed and some may attempt suicide. Gambling debts can encourage a problem gambler to engage in criminal activity to pay off his debts.

Gambling is a terrible vice that lures people in with the promise of easy money. Of course there is no such thing, but people are sometimes duped by an industry that is marketed as exciting, glamorous and prosperous. No matter what game you may play, the odds are always against you and very few people actually come out ahead of the game. One of the causes of gambling addiction is when a person is in debt and can find no way out of their problem. They may think that if they can just hit one big win their debt problems will disappear. Most of the time they lose and get deeper in debt, and then they will try to recover their losses. This type of gambling becomes a vicious cycle with the gambler getting into more debt than before he or she started to gamble.

Other causes of gambling addiction can be:

-The thrill of the game, and the high that the person feels as they anticipate the outcome of a bet can be exhilarating and seductively addictive.

-Being a part of the social scene and socializing with high rollers can really puff up the ego and make a gambler feel successful.

-Being in desperate need of money and willing to try anything to get hold of money.


Gamblers often exhibit signs of gambling addiction that can act as a red flag. Some of the signs of gambling addiction are:

-Being secretive and lying about your gambling

-Not being able to reduce or stop your gambling

-Gambling when you cannot afford to

-Borrowing or stealing money to gamble

-Getting into financial debt from your gambling, and possibly losing everything you have

-Having anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts

-Experiencing weight loss or gain, sleep problems, and other health issues

-Losing important relationships because of gambling

-Starting to drink or use drugs because of problems associated with gambling

-Taking off from work to gamble

The good news is gambling addiction treatment is available for anyone who wants it. For gamblers who are struggling with anxiety and depression, addiction rehab centers can provide psychological counseling and medications to treat those problems. Gamblers can become dangerously depressed and may become lethargic, unhappy, suicidal, and have problems with eating and sleeping. For the safety of the gambler, depression and anxiety must be treated along with the gambling addiction. Co-occurring mental disorders is another health issue that is associated with gambling and this must also be a part of the recovery treatment.

Gambling addiction treatment offers psychological and behavioral counseling and can include:

-Cognitive behavioral therapy

-Gambler's Anonymous

-Group therapy

-Psychodynamic therapy

-Family therapy

Pathological gambling can be stopped with professional help. If you, or a loved one, have a gambling problem then you should begin gambling addiction treatment as soon as possible. Call now at () - for help finding gambling addiction treatment centers that offer therapies to overcome your destructive impulses.




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