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The goal of Colorado Springs Drug Treatment Centers is to help you find drug treatment centers that will provide you with strategies that helps you recognize the complex processes of relapse that can put your recovery at risk. Relapse prevention is an intricate process and not a spontaneous event that suddenly occurs without warning. Relapse behaviors that can threaten your sobriety include emotional, physical and mental processes. To prevent relapse and maintain your invaluable recovery, it is vital to be aware of the symptoms, recognize the cues and have a solid plan in place for relapse prevention. Call us now for help finding treatment options at () -.

Emotional Relapse

Each person in recovery experiences the effects of addiction uniquely, and a successful recovery begins with being aware of how you are feeling and reacting to the world around you. You may experience the signs of an emotional relapse that are similar to the effects of post-drug or alcohol detox. As you encounter stressful times in your life, your emotional and psychological addiction to drugs or alcohol may urge you to cope with substance abuse and fuel a relapse.

If you have noticed changes in your behavior that may be an indication of emotional relapse, it is essential that you ask for help and protect your sobriety from a relapse. A vital part of aftercare or peer recovery networks after rehab is to prevent the occurrence of relapse with a strong network of support. Call Colorado Springs Drug Treatment Centers at () - for help finding drug rehab centers that will work with you to formulate your relapse prevention plan.

The Stages of Mental Relapse

The mental phase of the relapse process may begin by thinking about using drugs, contacting old friends or fantasizing about drug or alcohol use. If you continue to experience these signs of mental relapse, you may encounter irresistible urges that pressure you to begin using drugs or alcohol. Thoughts that may occur during this phase may become stronger in the later phase as your addiction attempts to rationalize your return to substance abuse.

If you are experiencing or approaching the phase of mental relapse, it is imperative that you tell someone in your support network that you are experiencing these dangerous steps towards relapse. Colorado Springs Drug Treatment Centers understands the different phases of relapse prevention and can help you find treatment options so you can maintain your recovery.

Physical Relapse

If emotional and mental urges continue to affect your behavior without intervention, you may experience the irresistible urge to drive to the club, buy alcohol or call your dealer. Physical relapse is extremely powerful, and it is difficult to control your commitment to recovery at this point. It is best to ask for help long before this relapse phase occurs, but it is never too late to call Colorado Springs Treatment Centers for help finding treatment options at () -.

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