Problem Drinking Contributes to Road Deaths


Problem Drinking Contributes to Road Deaths Colorado Springs, CO (720) 251-4738

Problem drinking caused trouble in Colorado Springs. 21-year-old John Marvel had a blood alcohol level of .133 percent and was allegedly racing another vehicle when he killed 22-year-old Andrew Shada with his car in July. This could have been avoided if Marvel hadn't been drinking.

Problem drinking is called alcohol use disorder (AUD) by the medical community. The statistics reflect a small number of people with problem drinking issues are receiving needed rehab. It also points to the prevalence of AUD, as one third of all adults is a significantly large number.

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Alcohol Use Disorder

Under the spectrum of AUD is alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. They were two distinct disorders in the 4th publication of the DSM. The 5th DSM combined both disorders into alcohol use disorder.

With the 4th publication's classifications in mind, the following were reported:

  • Almost 14 percent of adults fit the criteria in the past year for alcohol abuse disorder
  • 29 percent of adults fit the criteria for alcohol abuse disorder at a time in their lives.

Alcohol use disorders has grown over the past ten years, particularly among men, younger people, divorced people, single people, white people, and Native American people.

The recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention include:

  • Women limit their alcohol intake to up to one drink per day
  • Men limit their alcohol intake to two drinks per day.

When individuals are dependent upon alcohol, withdrawal symptoms will appear if they aren't drinking. That is a sign that they need professional help in the form of medically supervised detox. This is safest way, as the detox is controlled, to remove alcohol from the person's body. Healthcare professionals administer prescribed medications to alleviate symptoms. Without medical supervision, serious and life-threatening symptoms such as delirium tremens (DTs), seizures and tremors can happen.

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