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Once you understand the effect alcohol or drugs are having on your life, you might be unsure of the next steps. You are ready to live a life free of these detrimental substances of abuse, but you know you cannot do it by yourself. You might wonder what types of alcohol and drug counseling might be right for you. In many cases, your drug addiction treatment should be handled at one of the professional treatment centers that specialize in helping people just like you prevail in their fight against addiction. You might be hesitant about using an in-house treatment center, but they are here to help you become successful. Call Colorado Springs Drug Treatment Centers at () - to find out how to begin recovery today.

The Benefits of Professional Recovery Centers

After you have made the difficult decision to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, your first step will be an uncomfortable one. Your body will experience a variety of symptoms of withdrawal that might weaken your resolve to get clean and sober. The staff understands drug addiction and treatment, so they can help offset some of the most painful symptoms with treatment medicine and relaxation techniques.

Approximately 9% of people are believed to abuse opiates over the course of their life, including illicit drugs like heroin and prescription pain medications such as Oxycodone. Drugs of addiction such as these can lead to drug dependence. This means that a person begins to crave the drug in order to function or not experience withdrawal. Over time, greater amounts of the drug become needed due to the built up tolerance.

The time it takes to become physically dependent varies with the person and type of drug. Withdrawal from opiates can follow after any prolonged use is discontinued or slowed. Detox from drugs of addiction such as opiates can be dangerous when attempted alone and also yield high rates of relapse when attempted without the help of an addiction facility.

Opiate withdrawal is the series of symptoms that occur after stopping or dramatically decreasing opiate drugs after heavy and prolonged use (numerous weeks or more). Opiate detox is the only way to successfully fight the addiction within an addict's body.

Detox from Opiates

When detoxifying from prescription pills or heroin you can expect to be irritable and feel flu like symptoms. Symptoms of withdrawal can start to happen as early as 6 hours after the last dose of your drug of choice. Vomiting, runny nose, abdominal pains, diarrhea, chills, anxiety, and sleep abnormalities are all possible while detoxing.

Treatment and detox from substances of abuse at one of the Drug Rehab Centers Colorado Springs is home to includes helpful care and treatment medicine. A frequently used medication, clonidine,

primarily reduces anxiety, tension, muscle aches, perspiring, runny nose, and cramping. Other medications that can help with vomiting and diarrhea are Buprenorphine (Subutex) which has been shown to work for treating symptoms of withdrawal from opiates, and it can cut the length of detox. It may also be used for long-term maintenance like methadone.

Skills for the Rest of Your Life

You did not wake up one morning with an addiction, and you will not wake up tomorrow fully recovered. Addiction therapy is an important part of regaining your life and living drug free. In the safe and secure environment of treatment centers, you will learn new ways of dealing with the stresses you used your addiction to avoid. Relapse prevention will be one of the key things you learn during your time at the recovery center. The staff will provide you with new ways of stress management that will enable you to face your problems head on so your resolve does not falter at the first sign of difficulty.

Your opiate detox treatment will be easier with the help you find at rehabs. Contact Colorado Springs Drug Treatment Centers at () - for help finding opiate detox centers that can help you get long-term results.

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