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Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Memorial Hospital offers treatment for Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction. The addiction specialists at this multi-licensed treatment facility administers a comprehensive assessment to their patients in order to determine the best course of action for their treatment plan. Memorial Hospital generally offers treatment options (such as Counseling) that are customized to suit the patients' needs.

In some of these treatment options, addicts are taught to develop coping skills so that they can learn to deal with any situation that comes their way without resorting to drugs or alcohol as a means for a temporary escape. It is within these specific coping skills that will help to ensure the success of an addict's recovery.

You may contact Memorial Hospital using their website at to learn more about the treatment services that they offer, as well as more information on their accepted insurances, which include: Most Insurances.


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

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Google Reviews

  5.0   1 month ago

I went in yesterday and ended up with ruptured ovarian cysts. Every single person was amazing!! Dr lockee did amazing with surgery and nurse dale was incredible with taking care of me post operation.

  5.0   1 month ago

I have been miserable for three days. I was dreading going to this ER because of my previous experiences, but I felt like I was dying! This ER has improved DRAMATICALLY. wait time was down, and the whole thing flowed like a well-oiled machine. I wish I got all the names of everyone who helped me today, but thank you for taking such good care of me. Friendly nurses, AND they're AWESOME at their jobs?? Very rare, but I'm very grateful for everyone who helped me feel better. Also I have no bruising from my I.v. so that's super awesome!

  5.0   1 month ago

I visited last night on January 29, 2018, when CSPD sent me down for a SANE exam. I was overall very pleased. I had a nurse see me within 10-15 minutes of checking in, in order to get my vitals prior to the exam. The nurse was a little on the rude side as she kept barking orders at me. That was the worst of it. It was pretty busy last night, so I had to wait a little bit before the nurse could give the exam. She did come in to talk with me a little bit, but since there were a few other cases, she had to work with them at the same time. We were also waiting for law enforcement to show up and take my case. While I was waiting, they sent a TESSA advocate down to talk with me about resources I could use. The SANE exam is an invasive procedure, and it can be hard after an assault. However, the nurse was great with telling me what she was planning to do next as well as telling me I could skip steps of the exam if needed. Both the nurse who performed the SANE and the TESSA advocate were very comforting and gave me great advice about recovering from what happened. I hope that no one will have to go through what I went through, but this location did well with helping me the best that they could. Thank you.

  5.0   1 month ago

First of all I was born in an incubator on June 19, 1983. My mother is Lydia Hernandez. I had a tough childhood as my mother & I were barely making it. I was admitted to UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central on January 14, 2018. This marks the 4th time in a row from the same diagnosis; ABDOMINAL CRAMPS. Everyone from the ambulance (AMR) to the nurses, registration and the doctors (Gregory B Collins, DO & Kristi A McCleary, NP) were very PROFESSIONAL! They gave me Zofran-ODT @ 7:13 p.m. which did help a bit. This was probably the most professional service from any hospital ever and I'm very, very grateful to everyone who helped. I'm glad that I was born in this hospital. A big GR8 THANK YOU to everyone here. In Colorado Springs, this will be my hospital of choice. 😊👍😀💘💞💖

  5.0   2 months ago

My daughter had 2 surgeries and 2 procedures there in 2017. They were wonderful and caring. We drive 50 mins to go there to use their ER.

  5.0   5 months ago

From check in to discharge each person I encountered was kind and patient. The last hospital experience I had was at Penrose and that was awful. This was completely opposite. I checked my child in and was treated with kindness, the lady who called us back to give us bracelets was having a birthday and gave one of her gifts to my child. The lady who met us at the surgery center was warm and kind, the people preparing my daughter for surgery were also warm and kind. The people in the room for her surgery were immensely personable while still professional. The "grandma" (she referred to herself as grandma) who watched my child come out of anesthesia was careful and caring. The lady who helped us settle into her room for the night was almost done with her shift but she went out of her way to get my daughter the ice cream she was promised even after the cafeteria had closed. The nurse overnight was so sweet, you would have thought she was related to us. And finally, our nurse this morning was also sweet and patient. Literally every single person was kind and they made an otherwise not fun time something we can look back on with good feelings. Trust me, I still avoid remembering my baby's birth because of how awful I was treated at Penrose. The folks at Memorial are truly something else. Thanks!

  5.0   5 months ago

The labor and delivery nurses and the nurses in the women's pavilion were amazing. Also the doctors on this unit were helpful and came at consistent times.

  5.0   5 months ago

08/31/17 In terms of the emergency room... First of all in my opinion almost impeccable. From security to intake to nurses to Administration to Doctors everyone stood out. I was in excruciating pain that stayed for over a hour four times a day. While at the ER the pain stopped. The ultrasound and other testing identified the problem. I was held for observation, treated and given the name and address of a specialist for my condition. I passed by a different hospital on purpose to get to uchealth Memorial. I'm thankful for that decision. Not to belittle ANY other hospital. Bravo Zulu uchealth.

  5.0   6 months ago

I'm incredibly pleased with my experience at a memorial today. Everyone from the front desk check in, to the nurses, my doctor, and my anesthesiologist were phenomenal! It makes me feel at ease about having my upcoming surgery there.

  3.0   7 months ago

When I first was flown to the hospital I had to sit in the emergency room for a little over 9 hours until they finally cleaned a room for me. The food takes forever to get here and some the the kitchen staff is very rude. Also wh bee I press my nurse call button and ask for them to send someone I always have to wait forever (like 30 minutes) for someone to come. Some of the nurses are very nice and talk to me and some nurses are very rude and treat me like I'm 5 years old. The doctors only come to my room once a day in the morning for maybe 5 minutes. I wasn't ina car wreck and that's why I had to come here and the didn't even give me a bath or wipe of any of the dirt. My own sister had to do it for them.

  5.0   8 months ago

I had rated this hospital at 1 star before because of the ER. The ER still needs A LOT of work done. Especially when it comes to cleaning & bedside manner. But the pediatric ward is amazing. My daughter was admitted for two days for severe asthma. EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR AND NURSE WERE AMAZING. The entire respitory team were also wonderful. Her medication was ALWAYS on time. Her food was always on time and delicious. Her room was kept clean & sanitized and I was even givin a asthma class. They made sure I knew everything about asthma and how to take care of her. They even made sure I was doing okay and that I didn't need anything. She got better because of that floor. But please work on the ER. More frequent cleaning & sanitizing, like twice an hour if not more is definitely needed especially in the waiting room.

  4.0   9 months ago

Emergency room visit for daughter with migraine. Sent back almost immediately. Had an iv in her within 15 minutes of hitting the front door. Very efficient and effective. Doctor saw her within 20 minutes.

  5.0   9 months ago

I just had my son here on 5/31/17. I had the same nurse during the night time on Monday night and Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Her name was Anna and she was absolutely amazing! She got me through my labor. She knew I was trying for a natural birth so when she came in and saw me struggling through contractions she would tell me how good I was doing. She was great to me when they had to put a cathadar in my uterus to track my contractions. She was great when I decided I couldn't take it anymore and had to get the epidural. She was so great. I don't know if I would have made it through my labor without her. She is also the nurse who helped me push my son before the midwife delivered him fully. She was great to me and so excited to meet my son. She made my birthing experience everything I could have dreamed of. I hope a lot of women love her as much as I did because she really was the perfect nurse for my expierence.

  5.0   9 months ago

I am cared for by the Cardiology Service. I have had exams as well as surgical procedures and I cannot trust anyone more than I do them. Techs, Nurses and Physician staff is the best. Truthful and honest and caring. I also needed urgent care after a procedure and I got the right care at the right time! I will not go anywhere else.

  5.0   10 months ago

I had my daughter here. I was switched over here because Evans doesn't have a big NICU and she was a month early. The nurses here were truly amazing (all but one) my only complaint was the Dr who delivered my daughter and the Dr who discharged us. She was extremely rude and the Dr who discharged us was a little unprofessional about me breastfeeding my child but the nurses and my lactation consultant really did make up for them.

  5.0   1 year ago

My 22 month old son was brought here by ambulance and was admitted for one night. We are visiting this area. I was extremely impressed by this hospital. The ER doctors and nurses as well as the pediatric unit doctors, nurses, and techs were amazing. My son received first class care delivered with kindness. I highly recommend this hospital.

  4.0   1 year ago

I was treated with respect and with helping staff for my cat scan but still upset that 2 of my family members died after doctors on call said in emergency room they would be okay. I feel this hospital needs more people working in er with experience in all areas of health but all cases are different and some can be rare. Needs more staff for the people and just not for a paycheck

  5.0   1 year ago

Amazing experience! Each and every staff member from ER,ICU,Recovery, and Therapy were warm,caring,knowledgeable, informative...I could easily run out of superlatives. I have a 2nd surgery due - can't wait 2 have procedure done! UC-Memorial has my 100% trust.Employees love their can see that when there.5 star far as I'm concerned.

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