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Drug addiction is something affects hundreds of families all over the US. Many times people suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction fear seeking help because of the societal repercussions they may face from the people around them. There are Colorado Springs medical detox centers that can ease your withdrawal pains in their drug detox facilities, where you will be treated with nothing but respect in a safe and comforting place.

Drug addiction can happen to any person, and although it is considered a chronic disease and has to do with genetics, substances also affect the chemical balances in the brain. When the chemicals in the brain are altered this can cause a dependency on the substance. At every drug detox center Colorado Springs offers you can find various types of therapy, including medical detox and follow up care.

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Drug Detox Center Colorado Springs

When a patient takes their first step into recovery by entering one of the Colorado Springs Medical Detox Centers, they will be made to feel like they are at home. One of the first steps in recovery is going through an evaluation, or assessment of the individual. This is the step in which the individualized treatment plan is put in place, along with assessing the mental state of the patient, the type of addiction and any other underlying causes or pre-existing conditions.

Once patients have been assessed they will enter drug detox facilities where they will go through the detoxification process. It is common for detox to happen before therapy so that the patient can rid their body and system of the drug.

When you enter Colorado Springs Medical Detox Centers, the length of the detox will vary depending on the substance that the patient is addicted to, the length of use and the physical health of the individual. Commonly it takes 3- 4 days, but can always take more or less time.

In drug detox facilities, the patient will be monitored by a medical team including accredited addiction specialists that will make sure every step of detoxification goes as smoothly as possible. Many times in the detoxification stage the patient will take medication that will help ease the withdrawal symptoms, easing the process. The medical staff in the drug detox centers Colorado Springs is home to are ready to answer each and every need for assistance.

Post Drug Detox Facilities

Once a patient has completed the detoxification process they can then begin the therapy part of recovery. The medical staff and the patient will look at the individualized treatment plan that had been established prior to detoxification and possibly modify it. These modifications can happen at any point during recovery.

The patient then can be treated as an inpatient using either medical or holistic therapies. This is the time where the patient can think clearly and work with a therapist to get to the root of the addiction. Patients will also attend group therapy sessions at this step in the process.

After the patient finishes their inpatient, individualized treatment plan, they can then look into relapse prevention strategies and outpatient continued care. It is important for the individual, and their family, to understand that combating an addiction can require a lifetime of treatment and care, just like other illnesses.

The staff at Colorado Springs Medical Detox centers want the patient to have an understanding and education of triggers, how to avoid falling back into cravings, and avoiding relapse. Getting and keeping the patient clean is their number one goal.

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