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Your Family Member's Alcohol Addiction

You watched your family member's alcoholism take root and grow over months, if not years. His or her addiction has begun to affect relationships with family, spouse and children. At work, he has been counseled on more than one occasion, with his supervisor telling him that he has to deal with his addiction or lose his job.

Your family member has tried more than once to stop drinking but has not been able to stay away from alcohol. The alcoholic has admitted that they can't stop drinking on their own and is ready to seek professional help. Before beginning alcohol rehabilitation, one has to go through detox. Once the alcohol is out of the system, they will be able to begin working on staying away from alcohol.

Alcoholics often exhibit symptoms of withdrawal that alcoholism treatment centers will safely monitor and ease as they can. Going through detox in inpatient treatment centers is always the most comfortable and successful way to detoxify and also is the best method of preventing relapse.

Your relative has probably tried to stop drinking cold-turkey, only to experience several painful symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. This is the body's way of saying that it has become dependent on alcohol to function and while trying to work without it there discomfort. Alcohol rehab centers will provide treatment medicine to allow a safe detox.

Effects of Long-term Alcoholism Treatment

Drinking too much alcohol, especially for an extended period of time, can cause negative effects on you or your family member's body, brain and cognitive abilities. Alcohol, in all its forms, can affect the throat, cardiovascular system, liver and pancreas. The effects of long-term alcoholism have also been linked to several types of cancer.

Rehab Centers

As you research the alcoholism treatment centers Colorado Springs is home to, you need to know what services your relative will receive. Colorado Springs Drug Treatment Centers understands that alcoholism treatment starts with a comprehensive, head-to-toe medical exam, with everything recorded. When it is time to undergo detox, patients are monitored by certified addiction specialists in alcoholism treatment centers and provided full care for comfort. Withdrawal from alcohol will be supervised by doctors and medical personnel to ensure safety and detox counselors and therapists follow up to provide one-on-one sessions as well as group sessions to holistically help healing. For help finding treatment options, call us now at () -

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