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Many people believe they can't possibly be suffering from an alcohol addiction because they drink only beer or don't drink every day. However, it doesn't matter what the alcoholic beverage is that you choose to drink. What matters is that you are drinking it in an excessive manner. You may still have problems with alcohol if you find yourself drinking far too much whenever you do drink.

Know the Signs

You should evaluate your drinking patterns to look for the signs of alcohol abuse and or an alcohol dependence. These may include the intense need to have a drink or the need for more alcohol to reach what you consider to be feeling good. You may black out, hide bottles of alcohol, drink during work or school hours, or be unable to stop drinking once you begin. You may also become irritable when you are not immediately able to satisfy your craving for alcohol. Another very good sign that you may be in need of treatment for alcohol dependence is the disruption of your home and work life.

Alcoholism can cause memory loss, inhibit ability to comprehend repercussions or make responsible decisions, and cause you to lose focus on major priorities. In 2013, 14 people died from fatal accidents where drug abuse and alcohol were involved. Someone who suffers from alcohol dependence may not be able to grasp that it is not safe to drive after drinking because the part of their brain responsible for decision making is compromised by the substance of abuse. Don't let addiction get the best of you - seek out Alcohol Treatment before it is too late.

When You Can't Stop

Those suffering from alcohol dependence are far more likely to be involved in a car accident where the consumption of alcohol is a contributing factor. This often is the beginning of a slew of legal problems. Those afflicted by alcoholism also face higher divorce rates, the loss of visitation with minor children, increased propensity for violence, job issues and the deterioration of relationships.

Health Risks

The effects of long-term alcoholism can be quite severe. You may experience liver disease, severe ulcers, pancreatitis and more. Alcohol can cause brain damage, and for youth prevent proper growth and development of the brain. In treatment centers individuals with alcoholism will be evaluated and treated for any health related problems that stem from their alcohol abuse. Counselors will also help to mend the relationships that were damaged by addiction and help the individual to get back on track with healthy hobbies and future job endeavors.

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