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Alcohol addiction has become a chronic illness which has caused many problems in our nation. This complex disease may often require alcohol Rehab in order for the person struggling with chemical dependency to recover faster. Individuals abusing addictive substances used to be viewed as those who lack the strength to quit. Since 1956 alcoholism was recognized as a disease and a decade later it was decided by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare that it should be treated as so. A lot of research has been done on the topic and a lot of alcohol rehab programs have been created to treat this deadly disease.

Most alcoholics and drug addicts may begin experimenting with drugs or alcohol at social events, but somewhere along the way they become dependent on these substances in order to cope with other issues. Alcohol rehab may often require medical assistance in order for individuals to withdraw safely from these addictive substances, especially alcohol, since it generally causes more intense withdrawal. Recovery programs at drug rehabilitation centers can help patients deal with the physical and/or psychological addiction to any mood altering chemical. Call (720) 251-4738 to for more information about your options for recovery.

What is addiction?

Addiction is a chronic bran disease characterized by compulsive behavior in which the individual continues taking drugs, drinking alcohol or engaging in addictive behaviors in order to feel better or function properly. Individuals generally become addicted to a specific substance or activity in an attempt to self-medicate or alleviate other underlying conditions. This cycle can lead to brain damage and change how the brain functions. Drugs or alcohol can over-stimulate and cloud the brain's pleasure sensors in a way that it starts shutting down. Consequently, the user may need larger doses of the addictive substance in order to feel good.

Medications employed during rehab

Various medications can be useful at different phases of treatment to help individuals struggling with an addiction stop abusing drugs, remain in treatment, and avoid a relapse.

  • Treating withdrawal symptoms: when patients quit drugs or alcohol, they may experience a diversity of physical and emotional symptoms, which may include hopelessness, worry, and other mood disorders, as well as anxiety and insomnia. Some medications are intended to lessen these symptoms, which makes it easier to stay away from drug use.
  • Remaining in Treatment: medications are employed to help the brain adapt slowly to the lack of addictive substances. These medications act slowly to reduce cravings and calm body systems. They can also help individuals in recovery focus on therapy sessions and other forms of counseling employed during treatment.
  • Relapse prevention: According to scientific research, stress, and exposure to drugs or addictive environments can be triggers for relapse. Prescription drugs are being developed to help cope with these triggers and sustain recovery.


Some individuals may experience feelings of depression when they join programs at a treatment center. This is why these programs equip patients with recovery tools during recovery treatment. Counseling sessions can help isolate the initial warning signs of relapse, and cope with the intense withdrawal that might be experienced during detox. Dial Colorado Springs Drug Treatment Centers now at (720) 251-4738 for information on treatment options that can help you through addiction recovery to reclaim a brighter future.

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