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When family or friends feel that their loved one has a serious problem with drugs or alcohol, entering one of the addiction intervention programs in Colorado Springs is recommended. An addiction intervention can literally save someone's life by stopping the progression of abuse before it reaches an overdose event. Successful interventions usually involve an addiction expert or professional specializing in substance abuse therapy.

The basic premise of addiction intervention is to confront the addict with their habit and convince them to enter one of the available rehabilitation programs to stop the cycle of abuse. There are different approaches and styles towards this goal, but ultimately the goal is for the addict to find help and proper care before it's too late. Statistically, professional addiction intervention has a higher rate of success than do those conducted informally by family or friends alone.

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Types of Intervention

Formal confrontations are conducted with a clear strategy for successfully gathering all of those involved as well as the addict in such a way that the addict is required to participate long enough to understand what it is that is happening. This strategy will be either towards a direct confrontation or an indirect one. Some may require forcible intervention instead, but these are usually set up as a last resort or failsafe plan should the addiction confrontation not work well. Forcing someone into rehabilitation is not always ethical or legal.

Indirect confrontations are usually used when the addict can be brought into a situation where he or she can be easily confronted with the emotional side of their addiction's price, allowing family, friends, and loved ones to explain how the substance abuse negatively affects them. This creates emotional empathy from the addict who may then see their problem for what it is and then voluntarily seek help.

Direct confrontation takes this a step further and forces the addiction's consequences on the addict, either through legal means (arrest, conviction) or more direct methods of confrontation with the addict.

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